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November 2012

New Favourites

I am loving having a new city to explore and would like to introduce you to a couple of new favourites of mine:

The Local Taphouse, St Kilda
I didn’t have the best introduction to The Local. Wandering around in thirty-plus degrees, I walked past it twice. When I did realise that was what I was looking for, I thought it was closed. But, after I’d calmed down, I realised there was a flight of stairs leading up to what may will be one of my favourite bars in Melbourne. Continue reading “New Favourites”

Melbourne: Birds and Beers

I arrived in Melbourne last Friday and was quickly struck by two things: one, I have frickin’ amazing friends, and two, Australian birds are large, loud and odd.

I hopped off the airport bus and was whisked over to Richmond, where my friends, Fi and Mike are putting me up until I find a job (I told you they were nice). Once my luggage was stowed, we were off to Slow Beer, a craft beer bottle store with an on-license. That’s right, you can drink while oogling the beer – and there’s a lot of beer. Continue reading “Melbourne: Birds and Beers”

The Sky is Not Falling

This morning news broke that Lion Nathan have acquired 100% of the shares in Emerson’s Brewery. The news has had mixed receptions and I’d probably estimate a 30:70 split between positive:negative. I’m in the 30% and here’s why: Continue reading “The Sky is Not Falling”

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