I’m gonna ‘leave you when the summer comes a-rollin.’ I’m off to Melbourne mid-November, for a chance of pace and place. I’ve got five weeks left in Auckland and then another four weeks in various parts of the North Island. It may seem a little early to be announcing it, but I’m looking to suggestions of things to do and beers to drink before I go. There’s three categories: the first two are ‘beer experiences’ – great pubs, bars, cafes or festivals that you feel are a must visit before I depart – divided into ‘Auckland’ and ‘The North Island Roadtrip’. The third category is Great Kiwi Beers – new beers that are about to be released or old favourites you feel I may have missed somehow. There’s already some items on the lists, but it would be nice if you could help pad them out a little for me:

Auckland Beer Experiences
Already on the list: Coco’s Cantina
As you can see, this list is a little light, I need some advice.

The North Island Roadtrip Beer Experiences
Already on the list: Pacific Beer Expo, BREW bar, mike’s Octoberfest, Montrose and the National Home Brew competition.
This list is already pretty packed, it’ll have to be an awesome suggestion to make it on.

Ten Great Kiwi Beers 
Already on the list: nothing yet
(I’m limited this to ten – I ain’t made of money, folks – although I’ll probably end up trying more than ten new beers in the next couple of months).

All and any suggestions welcome (except maybe Tiger) and I’ll attempt to document the experiences and the beers.

I ain’t jokin’ woman, I got to ramble.