Here’s what I’ve learnt from Dry July so far:

  • My various random scratches and bruises are not the result of drinking; I’m just  accident-prone.
  • Similarly it’s not alcohol affecting my memory that makes me forget people’s names.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks are, for the vast majority, overly sweet. I’m beginning to think there’s a market for a tasty, dry ginger beer.
  • The people I know are generally lovely and understanding about my Dry July, but I have heard reports that not everyone is so – which I struggle to understand.
  • Not having to rely on public transport to get home is amazing and I can get home in about a fifth of the time.

I’ve faced some pretty tough challenges: a bottle of Hop Zombie arrived on my doorstep, Dad came to town and the Cock’n’Bulls announced they were closing and I may never taste Monk’s Habit again. However, I’m sure I’m going to make it to the end – but it probably wouldn’t hurt if you encouraged me by heading over to my Dry July page and making a donation.