The Hop’s coming up this Saturday! Here’s eight things to do while on the Hop:

1) Chow down at Galbraith’s Ale House
The chef at Galbraith’s has really hit their stride of late. The meals coming out of the kitchen of late have been delicious – my personal favourites are the soup (doesn’t matter what it is, it’s all good) and the Stout beef burger with crispy onion rings.

2) Chat with Epic’s Luke Nicholas at Corner Bar
Luke needs no introduction really – we all know he’s the man behind Epic, Armageddon, Mayhem and Hop Zombie. This Saturday, he’ll be chilling at Corner Bar (exact time TBC), with samples of Epic’s Coffee Fig Stout, chatting to Hoppers.

3) Check out the brew kit at Shakespeare’s Tavern with Ben Middlemiss
Shakespeare’s Tavern was New Zealand’s first brewpub and after a bit of a hiatus, is back. Ben Middlemiss has brought the brewery back and will be at Shakespeare’s on Saturday, talking about how the journey back to production (exact times TBC).

4) Groove out to the music in SkySport Grill.
The music at SkySport Grill is old-school, cheesy as an American pizza and absolutely awesome. When the Hop graphic designer, Danielle, and I were there taking photos, every second song was meet with a delighted exclamation – and a fair amount of singing!

5) Sit in the sun at Andrew Andrew
One thing Auckland is missing is a beer garden, but Andrew Andrew is a pretty good alternative. Their outdoor area catches the afternoon sun perfectly, their seats are good and comfy and they’ve got several craft beers on tap.

6) Find fellow beer geeks in Auckland.
I thought I knew most of the beer geeks in Auckland, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find people I’ve never meet signing up for the Hop! Come along and meet more people focused on hunting out great beer in Auckland.

7) See the Auckland beer scene change – almost before your eyes!
Vulcan Lane’s O’Carroll’s Freehouse is the perfect place to see just how far Auckland’s beer scene’s come in a very short space of time. It’s hard to believe that not long ago, it was just another Irish bar, offering mainstream beers. Now it’s had a facelift, got good Kiwi beer on tap and has a few surprises on its beer menu!

8) Learn something new about the Auckland craft beer scene.
I’m sure even the most hardened beer buff will learn something new from coming on the Auckland Bar Hop. In fact, with so much to explore and so many people to meet, I’ll eat my hat if you don’t learn something new!*

If any of these sound like something you’d like to do this weekend, get on the Hop registration page and buy your Hop ticket now!

*disclaimer: ‘hat’ may mean a cake shaped to look like a hat.