I know it’s not the done thing to sell something via a blog but 1) I’m fairly sure many of you will be interested and 2) I’ll reward you all with a proper post immediately afterwards.

Home brewers can be a little accident-prone and forgetful. One friend broke a hydrometer and a thermometer by standing on them – during the same brew. Another flinches every time his wife opens the kitchen draw, afraid she’ll break some of his kit. And then there’s the mate who looks sheepish whenever you ask what his starting gravity was – he can never find a pen.

Well, I decided to try and put a stop to some of this. As some of you know, I’m a part-time sewer and thought the perfect solution would be a brewer’s wall-hanging organiser (or Brewer’s Buddy).  The resulting design is below.

There are skinny pockets for thermometers and hydrometers, flat pockets for notebooks and airlocks, small see-through pockets for washers and plugs and larger pockets for taps and all manner of other things! Along the bottom, there’s loops for mash paddles and spoons and along the top, two strong lops to hang the Buddy from the door or wall of your brew shed / garage / man cave. And if you spill something on it, just pull out the dowel ends and chuck it in the washing machine – it’ll come out good as new!

The Brewer’s Buddy is available on the online craft store Felt and will shortly be available on Etsy, if you want to pay in US dollars.