A little while ago (okay three months), I put up a post about how I was going to add an extra page to this blog that could act as a resource to finding craft beer in Auckland.

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to doing just that. In the tool bar above, you’ll see ‘Auckland Craft Beer Bars’. It’s my rough guide to Auckland craft beer. As you can see, there’s a couple of <<still researching>> entries, which I intend to remedy pretty soon, and I’ve probably got a few things wrong. Please feel free to tell me if I’ve got some details wrong or (worse still) I’ve missed someone out. I’ll do my best to fix it as soon as I can.

We may not have a Malthouse, Pomeroy’s, Moutere Inn or Eureka – but what we’ve got here in Auckland is getting pretty good and with our support will get better.

Please send any corrections or additions to rosalindaymes@gmail.com.