Once again my post complaining about the state of Auckland’s beer culture was put aside when I realised complaining about the beer scene wasn’t going to achieve a thing. I wish I could say I had reached this conclusion on my own, but I didn’t; I received a mass email from Martin, the SOBA’s Auckland Coordinator that finished with ‘If we want a thriving craft beer scene in Auckland we need to support the bars that are brave enough to take a punt.’

Support can mean many things and the best support I can offer is publicity. So I’m setting up a new page that’ll be a one stop shop for finding craft beer in Auckland’s CBD, showing that we do have craft beer. It won’t be through rose-tinted glasses; it’ll have the facts (who, where, when, what) plus a bit of opinion, that I’d love you to go and out and find out if you agree or disagree.

So if you see a girl wandering about taking photos beers and bars this weekend, say hello. It might be me. Or you might have just scared a young art student.

Also if you’re wondering about my other project, the beer and food matching cook book, it’s under way. I’m currently contacting breweries for recipes, so if you’re a brewer and would like to be involved, please send me an email at rosalindaymes@gmail.com