We’ve recently had a bit of a reshuffle of friends amongst several flats for various reasons and with the moves the issue of craft beers has arisen a couple of times.

Bob moved in with Fred, a another beer aficionado. After only a week Bob had discovered some problems – Fred is rather generous with his beers which makes Bob feel uncomfortable; while he admits Fred’s beer tastes alright, he feels bad accepting a seven dollar bottle of beer when all he has to offer is a twenty-dollar-a-box  Ranfurly. He doesn’t feel bad enough to change his drinking habits – to Bob one beer’s as good as the next and the cheaper the better. But he’d still rather not drink Fred’s ‘expensive’ beer.

Despite his qualms about accepting Fred’s beer however, Bob had no problems turning up at my new flat after the last box had been moved and drinking my ‘thanks-for-helping-me-move’ beers. After a moment’s hesitation, I went mainstream for these brews – I wasn’t about to waste perfectly good beers on my voluntary movers, but I also wasn’t going to drink different beers in front of them. As a compromise I bought a dozen Monteiths Summer Ale, which has a slight fruitiness to it which I quite like, and a box of Steinlager Pure, because it doesn’t taste like anything and it’s cheap. This seemed to go down quite well, the beers movers were happy.

The next day I went to the supermarket and bought myself some proper beers. One of the amazing things about my new flat is its proximity to basically everything, including Victoria Park New World which has an amazing selection of beers. I bought a Yeastie Boys PKB (very nice) and Emerson’s London Porter (an old favourite). I have no intention of sharing these, which very well make me a selfish person (and slightly anti-social). But generosity and helping your friends to see the light in craft beers and then there’s picking your battles and defending your bank account.