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December 2010

She is a thing of beauty…

The latest Stella Artois advert, featured above, raises some interesting comparisons between beer and beautiful ladies. In the advert, a women getting ready to go out is paralleled to a beer being served. The woman has a bath, the beer glassed is washed; the women brushes her hair, the beer is poured; and so on and so forth. Both the woman and the beer are beautiful things…

…but do either of them have personality? Don’t get me wrong, a little presentation never hurt anyone and the beer labels of New Zealand craft beer are often wonderful piece of art. But is this really what you’re going to sell your woman/beer on? ┬áIf we carry the metaphor a little further, I have to ask, what interests does the woman have? What movies does she like? Similarly, I’d ask of the beer, how did you come to be? What hops made you the way you are?

Then again, I am female. The advert is not aimed at me and it probably does sell beer to the average red-blooded male. But as the majority of Kiwi blokes buy beer on the basis of its price and availability, do they choose their women on the same principles?

Christmas Plans

I’m still on painkillers and still not allowed to drink beer. It makes me sad. I miss the taste of beer, the hoppiness, the malts, the bitterness.

But my dad cheered me up considerably with an email entitled ‘Xmas Beer’. It simply said: ‘How about at the bach we have nights with just one type of beer but several brands so that we can compare them, say a pale ale night or dark beer night. What do you think?’

I think I have the coolest Dad in the world.

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