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November 2010

Beer-free Birthday

Isn’t life awesome. Two days into my blog (and on my birthday no less) complications from wisdom teeth removal means I am back on painkillers and off alcohol. No beer for me.

Instead I had this delicious Phoenix Cola, which I guess is the fizzy drink equivalent of craft beer. It’s not beer though.

How It Began

My Dad’s been telling me for a while now that I should write about being a girl who likes beer. He reckons it’s an interesting angle, not many girls being beer snobs and all, but I wasn’t keen on the idea. I don’t want to be an anomaly, and to a certain extant I’m not. There are girls who like to drink beer. Unfortunately, there’s not very many of them and I think some of them may be hiding.

But then I decided something had to be done. It started with a date. A fairly normal date by all standards, a movie followed by dinner. With dinner I choose to have a beer, particularly as they served some Hallertau, which I was yet to try. My date, who doesn’t like beer, choose a pinot noir. The waiter returned and promptly set the beer down in front of my date and the wine in front of me. I find this annoying – one, there’s only two people, it can’t be that hard to remember who ordered what. Two, if you can’t remember, at least do the oh-dear-I’ve-forgotten-pause, giving the diners the chance to indication what goes where and don’t fall back on the beer = guy, wine = girl.

So my blog will be about various aspects of the modern girl beer snob. It will expunge the okay-ness of going on a date (or any other social event) and drinking beer, whilst still being a lady. It will promote the drinking of fine craft beers and generally disdain mainstream, chemical junk. It will attempt to offer advice on how to gently encourage people that beer can be quite nice (while respecting some people will never like it).

But mostly it’ll be about beer.

(So how was the Hallertau? Well, it was their Statesmen Pale Ale

and a lovely little beer to go with dinner. The bar-girl said it’s a bit like Monteith’s Radler and it was – but better. Not overly sweet and with enough fruit to make it interesting, but not, well, fruity.)

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